Accounting Services

At CTS Consultores, we specialize in offering advice to your company to plan, execute and supervise your accounting operation in order to improve the quality of your financial information.

We also work on organizing and integrating records of accounting operations in books as well as reviewing and adjusting the processes to avoid errors that, in many cases, are cause for discrepancies with the tax authorities.

The accounting services that CTS Consultores offers are based on the Mexican Accounting Standards; however, our firm also offers services applying foreign regulations such as US GAAP, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and other regulations.

Among the services we offer in this area, we serve, among others:

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Accounting and administrative consulting
  • B-10, D-4, C-5, B-15
  • Conversion of financial statements
  • Implementation of accounting policies
  • Control of accounts receivable, payable and inventories
  • External accounting staff (outsourcing)
  • Experts

At CTS Consultores we carefully monitor accounting operations, as we are convinced that accounting / financial information are powerful tools for decision-making and control of efficient operations that drive the development of your business.