Information Technology

Since technology has become an essential tool for the operation of companies, CTS Consultores offers systems management to ensure that you and your employees have the necessary tools in perfect operation in addition to allowing you to get the best out of your investment in systems.

At the end of the day, computer equipment tends to fail between its second and fourth year of use; The level of failure can be drastically reduced by performing preventive maintenance, both in the equipment and in the programs that are used (hardware and software). This is why it is highly recommended to perform preventive services once or twice a month to ensure the optimal performance of the equipment and that any failure does not stop your business.

Therefore, CTS Consultores offers you services of:

  • • Policies for preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and programs (hardware and software)
  • • Technical support service
  • • Security actions and information security
  • • Advice on equipment upgrade

Assistance in software licensing such as parcel, antivirus and security software and control for networks (spam, malware, misuse of office resources among others).